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The Automated Society

The Automated Society: What the Future Will Be and How We Will Get It That Way

The Automated Society By Masse Bloomfieldby Masse Bloomfield

In a diagram in the books, The Automated Society and Mankind in Transition, Bloomfield defines the history of man beginning over two million years ago and ending over a hundred thousand years into the future. This diagram is based on an evolutionary biology and a parallel cultural evolution. The predictions for the future follow what has happened in the past. No book that we know of has attempted that range in the development of man except perhaps biological evolution.

The diagram of history shows mankind having long periods of stability interrupted with short periods of transition. We are currently in one of those short periods of transition. Mankind is changing from a stable agricultural period going through a transitional industrial period to a stable automated period. According to the diagram of history, mankind must develop a stable automated society. The automated society will be one where everyone will have just about everything they want without physical effort. Everyone will be rich in today’s terms.

Before man enters the automated society, we will suffer from two near term trends, both of which will have significant impact on man’s social systems. One of these trends is the relentlessly increasing number of human beings as described in the The Population Explosion by Erlich. The second is the relentlessly decreasing number of jobs outlined by Rifkin in the End of Work. Jobs will be eliminated by substituting men with machines. In the near term, say within the next 25 years, mankind will be faced with more people and fewer jobs and not know what to do about it. Expect this condition to lead to increased misery, increased chaos, increased crime and increased homelessness. Then in about 50 years, mankind will suffer a true catastrophe. That catastrophe will be the result of a reduction of about half of the world’s population due to decreased food supply, increased pollution and decreased natural resources. Once these problems have been solved and the food factory put into operation, there should be a reconciliation of mankind to automation. Then we will all be able to live in affluence along with total control of the human population. However, the work opportunities will be reduced to jobs like planner, monitors and repair people. The one safety valve for humanity will be our space projects.

One of the points that Bloomfield outlines is that our current society has three different mind sets to reconcile. These mind sets are for people who live in tribal societies, agricultural societies and the transitional industrial society. He points out that in our current world, there are far too many people in leadership positions who still have mind sets left over from the agricultural period. These people still think that land is of primary importance. Imperialism was part and parcel of the agricultural period and really has no part to play for an industrial nation. However, the current transition is not being played out evenly across the world, and some people are still peasants in a world that has a few factories that are automated.

Also Bloomfield predicts a new human biological species. Man will only be able to evolve into a new species in another star system. Within the solar system, it is expected there will be too much travel for a colony of human beings to remain isolated long enough to produce a new species.

The author, Mr. Masse Bloomfield, has published several articles covering topics on the future and has presented papers at World Future Society meetings. He holds a bachelor’s degree in bacteriology. He is also author of Man in Transition. These two books can be purchase from amazon.com.