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Mankind In Transition

Mankind in Transition: A View of the Distant Past, the Present and the Far Future

Mankind in transition by Masse Bloomfield

By Masse Bloomfield

Mankind has been fascinated by the future for ages.  Soothsayers, fortune tellers, astrologers, science fiction writers as well as philosophers and historians have been trying over the millennia to predict the future.  In a diagram in Mankind in Transition, Mr. Bloomfield defines the history of man beginning over two million years ago and ending over a hundred thousand years into the future.  This diagram is based on an evolutionary biology called punctuated equilibrium.  The predictions for the future in this book follow what has happened in the past.  No book that we know of, has attempted that range in the development of man except for biological evolution.

The diagram of history show mankind having long periods of stability interrupted with short periods of transition.  Mankind is currently in one of those short periods of transitional periods.  Mankind is changing from a stable agricultural period through a transitional industrial period becoming a stable automated period.  Using this interpretation of history, Mr. Bloomfield describes where mankind has been, where it is now and where it is going.  According to the diagram of history, mankind will develop into a stable automated society.  Mankind will also develop into a new species in colonies living in distant star systems.  The automated society will be one where everyone will have just everything they want without physical effort.  Everyone will be rich in today’s terms.

The controlling parameter for the progress on man as described in the chart of history, is paced by productivity.  The production of food provides the basis for that productivity.  When we reach the automated society, all production will be automated including food production.  The future food factory, resting in a high rise building in the center of a group of ten thousand people, will provide the food automatically.

One of the chapters in this book is entitled “There Will Be In World War III.”  The basis for this prediction comes directly form the chart of history.   Industrial assets have become so valuable in our nation, that no one is going to risk those assets in a war.  Wars in the past have been fought for land, the most valued asset in the peasant economy.  Land in our times is no longer as valuable as industrial assets.  Although Mr. Bloomfield predicts there will be no more world wars, he does write that there will be local conventional wars for decades to come.  Until all the nations of the world are industrialized, many leaders of countries having peasant economies, will go to war thinking land is the most important asset they can control.

The author, Mr. Bloomfield, has also written a companion book, The Automated Society: What the Future Will Be and How We Will Get It That Way. These two books can be purchased from amazon.com.